About Me

I was born in Wayne, Michigan to two very loving and supportive parents. They didn’t even flinch when I called them the week before my undergraduate studies began to tell them I was going to be a theatre major. That is love. I am the second of four very unique children. I say this not just because two of my siblings are gingers (although I think that fact is neat), but because we could not be more different in our life paths (which is also pretty neat). I am now married to Kaitlyn Elaine Bergeron, who gave me the greatest gift August 28, 2014 in the form of a perfect little girl, Bethany Leigh Bergeron. My life was forever changed the day that she was born and I will never look back.

After finishing my undergraduate degree (yes… in Theatre) in 2004 i set out into the unknown to make my mark. How did I go about doing this you ask? Well I was a professional actor, a carpenter, an electrician, a retail manager, a graphic designer, a production manager, a production designer, lighting designer, video designer, scenic designer, technical director, audio engineer, teacher, project manager, consultant and so much more. I followed growth and opportunity wherever it let me and learned all the lessons life had to teach along the way (good and bad). It wasn’t until the summer of 2013 that this new chapter in my life truly began. The summer of 2013 changed everything for me. I placed my needs before the needs of those around me, for the first time in my life, and terrible and brilliant things began to happen. What did I really want to do with my life? It is in the wake of this beautiful chaos that I discovered Industrial Design, a field that seemed to allow me to put into practice all of my learned skills. Industrial design is the perfect marriage of left brain and right brain. It is this division that forced my oscillation between artistic and technical endeavors in the past, but with ID this was no longer necessary.

I am a Certified Technology Specialist (Infocomm International) and a member of IDSA. I am proud to be pursuing my Master’s in Industrial Design at Georgia Institute of Technology (graduation expected 2017). I have been an Industrial Designer my entire life I just didn’t know it until now. Better late than never…


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