IDSA Southern Conference ORLANDO 2015

IDSA Southern Conference ORLANDO 2015: “The future is plastics!” 


I would like to use this weeks blog to give a huge shout out to the Souther District Planning Committee for the brilliant coordination of the IDSA conference with NPE. In addition to getting the privilege to hear from great speakers, gain inspiration from my talented peers, and generally top of my ID fuel tank I was able to explore the entirely magical and delightfully nerdy world of plastics. Believe me when I say that this experience was incredible. Plastics manufacturers from across the globe came out to show out. They were all excited to share their innovative processes and show off their capabilities.

2015-03-26 10.08.09

NPE 2015 Orlando WEST CONCOURSE Exhibit Floor

I was given plenty of free swag, but not just any old swag. swag that was made right before my eyes! I brought home an injection molded, Disney-esque, robot figurine (with moveable libs!) that was molded and assembled by machine in a matter of minutes. It was still warm to the touch when it was handed to me. I gave away a charming blow molded shoe-horn/walking stick that was a prize possession around the exhibit hall. I know all of this is making you jealous, but in all seriousness it was an impressive showing for an industry that is changing not only how we manufacture, but how we recycle. I was pleased to see that the plastics industry was developing so many technologies geared toward completing the plastics life-cycle in a more eco-friendly manner. In summary NPE was impressive, educational, entertaining, and memorable. It provided the perfect backdrop to our Southern District IDSA conference.

2015-03-27 01.42.21

Orange County Convention Center, Orlando FL

As for the rest of the IDSA conference…

This was my first, so I did not really know what to expect. It was pleasantly low-key and I found myself enjoying the people. Being in the company of like-minded passion was very gratifying. Industrial Designers care about people. I have been at many acting and entertainment design conferences and there is a distinctly different vibe. I am pleased to be part of a community that cares. Every interaction, every introduction, and every exchange had value. I have developed a further appreciation for my classmates and appropriated a vision for my personal development as well as the growth and development of the GA Tech industrial design program. I believe that we can make GA Tech Number one for BOTH Graduate and Undergraduate studies. There is no reason, with our available resources, that we can’t come together to set a precedent for greatness that can/ will live on for generations to come. When I become a teaching assistant next fall, for the sophomore design studio, I will carry this attitude of success with me. I want every interaction I have with my graduate classmates as well as each and every undergraduate I come in contact with to be one of encouragement, motivation, and inspiration. Together we can achieve greatness. I look forward to my remaining years as a graduate student and all of the opportunities I have to impact others and more importably be impacted.


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