Theft, Moving, and Spring Break?

I’ll return to the regularly scheduled lighting talk next post. I wanted to seize this opportunity to talk about the latest happenings in my world. I hope that everyone enjoyed their Spring Break (those of you who have such a thing). I for one did not get to enjoy a break in the traditional sense. Sure I did not have scheduled classes to attend, but I spent the first 3 days of my “break” moving our living space 2 blocks away to a better unit for our growing family. It is clear to me that I am no longer in my twenties. I got it done, but ouch that hurt. If you are in the Atlanta area and need to move give a shout to Mark the Mover. They were incredible. No I didn’t actually get moved by Mark himself, but the guys he sent to do his work for him were more than adequate. I packed for about 36 hours straight, slept for 4, moved for 8, unpacked for 6, slept for 3 and then unpacked for 16 straight before passing out comfortably in my new bedroom. Following?

'Just taking a moment to rest before we finish loading the truck. 4 hours of sleep and a 36 hour moving marathon. I'll sleep when I'm dead. #rockingchairbreak'

This is at about the halfway mark of the move. The old apartment is about 20 minutes away from empty.

After that it was all about getting my new office set up and situated. The next day was about kitchen and the day after that was about laundry. Somewhere around Friday I actually got to sit down at my new drawing table and have some fun, but sadly I could only have so much fun as my favorite pens had been stolen a week prior. Stolen you say? Well here’s what happened:

“And then sometimes you are out with colleagues and your window gets busted out and they steal your laptop (and computer bag). Practice safe computing friends. Password protect your computer and important files. Back up your system regularly. I promise it is worth it. I didn’t really lose anything but hardware. They took a lot of “stuff” from me with my bag. I am more upset about my sketchbook and pens being taken. “Stuff” will come and go. Just make sure you are taking measures to protect what is truly important to you. I am sad that we live in a world where this sort activity persists and even more sad at how dismissive our local law enforcement seems to be about its prevalence. We can do better. I am sad for the individuals who have performed this terrible act. Can a brother just get his pens back?”

Bradley Bergeron's photo.
Bradley Bergeron's photo.
It stinks that there are people out there who would do such a terrible and invasive thing. I lost the pens and 3/4 of all of my sketches for my current studio project. Knowing that I had a lot of drawing to do I had a “treat yo self” moment and got this:
2015-03-19 19.47.12
Thanks Sam Flax! Anyway back to my non-break spring break. Between insurance handling, moving logistics, and basic survival activities (such as eating and sleeping) my week had all but disappeared. It was finally time to get to work (well other work anyway)! I took a trip out into thaw world to gather supplies. After a stop at the Home Depot, Target, and of course Sam Flax (to get pens of course) I was stocked up and ready to create. So I may be a bit unhinged (mentally) at the moment, but I wanted to say that it was all worth it. Sure I did not get the relaxing vacation I desperately needed, and I was now down a MacBook Pro and 60 or so sketches (and pens), and I had to pay a lot of money to various service providers for various services provided BUT my new apartment is incredible, I have an amazing new drawing table, and I managed to do more sketching and modeling in 3 days than I have ever been able to do in an entire week before. Every event in your life is an opportunity. It is up to you to decide what the opportunity will be. I will save you all from any further nonsensical ramblings by pulling the plug on this thing right now and going to bed. This will be the first time since 2014 that I have been in bed before 10:00pm. That is all for now. Go forth this week and be a force for good. Make a difference in the world. Decide what your opportunities will be.

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