Time To Re-Fuel


There is a significant difference between an empty fuel tank (bone dry) and the fuel tank that your car tells you is empty (good for another 25 miles). Your car is doing you a solid by saying, “hey you should think about filling me up anytime between now and 25(ish) miles from now.” This is a place where technology can teach us a valuable lesson in resource management. ALWAYS LEAVE SOME IN RESERVE! You never know when you are going to need it. If you always run yourself to “bone dry” by burning the candle at both ends, it will have a negative impact on your ability to be responsive when opportunity presents itself. I recommend finding where your safety zone lies and then safeguarding it with everything that you have. You can not count on others around you to regulate this. As long as the people around you see that there is fuel to burn, they will encourage you to burn it! It is important to shut down, unplug, and recharge, so do it regularly and you will find a greater quality of life. Give yourself the same courtesy that your car would. As soon as that little light flashes on your console, seek out the nearest fueling station and get what you need to keep on doing what you were made to do. On that note… time to fill back up for the long journey ahead for this week.

Until Next week,



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