Modern Man Inspiration Destination #02


Modern Man Inspiration Destination #02: Radio Shack 😦

As you can guess your ability to visit your neighborhood friendly Radio Shack is now short lived. This post is intended to serve as a tribute to an institution that fostered early maker ideals and ushered in the era of garage workshop hobbyists and amateur tinkerers. Until recently the Shack (as we insiders call it) was my go to for random audio adapters and solder based connectors (that I just needed to have right damn now and couldn’t wait for my Amazon Prime shipping till tomorrow). Truly you can never have too many 1/8″ TRS to Stereo pair adaptors (the thingy you use to connect your iPhone/ipod to most stereos).

In all seriousness, Radio Shack was once the mouthpiece for trending consumer technologies, all the while encouraging the very same consumer to go forth and create the next technological trend. You may have walked in off the street to get some batteries for your RC car or perhaps you lost your power cable (transformer/power adapter) to your cassette player, but while you were in the store you where shown “under the hood.” All the pieces that made your toys go were neatly sorted in to plastic drawers and hung about on wall pegs for all to see. If you could imagine it Radio Shack would do its best to stock the widgets you needed to bring your vision to life. I found myself “browsing” quite often. I would browse not because I was searching for the missing piece to my project, but in hopes of finding the very piece that would inspire my next project. I needed an excuse and Radio Shack was always a willing provider. Radio Shack is/was a playground for self proclaimed geeks and techies, those who like to crack things open and see what exactly makes them tick. We will remember you fondly. DIY will never be the same (at least not for small electronics projects)

I leave you with this call to action found on the Radio Shack google plus page:

“Your next project could be one that changes the world! We’d love to hear about your latest breakthrough, or if you need advice on making your big idea a reality, our neighborhood associates are here to help.”

Your associates may not be in my neighborhood any longer, but the culture that you supported for so long is going strong. Here’s to the big ideas and the world that is made better because of them!

Radio shack


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